Absolute honor to watch Santi Cazorla

Absolute honor to watch Santi Cazorla

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Reflection Eternal X Rock The Boat (Nujabes & Aaliyah)

dude this goes. 

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8.25.2001 - My Story (Part 1)

I’ll never forget this day. My family was financially stable. My dad landed a lucrative job overseas.  I could buy things for the first time in my life. Overall, life was good - like perfect. It’s often in our blissful moments that God sometimes reminds you of reality that this world is a temporary escape from reality.

My brother and I were in Florida for this NASA program we attended with our DC Science Camp crew. It was a fun trip. We ate well, we learned something and we got go to Universal Studios. More importantly, all the SEMA/SAT academy kids bonded and we  became a really tight-nit group so by the end of our trip, we were really close and I thought I had found lifelong sisters. The newfound bound was tested by the passing of Aaliyah Haughton and her crew that morning of August 25. It was surreal and it was like I was in haze. That morning my brother and I had to prepare our clothes for our California trip the next day. We literally went from Florida back to DC to pack then on a plane to Oakland. I remembering thinking to myself before I went to bed the night before, it was going to be a long day.

It was a long day. That morning  at around like 6am, I woke up to crying - lots of crying actually. The older girl had stayed up late to watch movies and so the TV in our room was still on. A few of the girls in our hotel were crying profusely like their world had been shattered. Their eyes were red and their throats were raw with emotion. I didn’t really know what to do. I was 12 or 13 at the time and I never dealt with emotional trauma. I was confused and I had no clue what was going on so I did what any kid would do - go get the adults.  I got one of the adults to try to calm them. It didn’t work because the adults were overcome by similar grief.  I was still clueless and almost afraid to find out what happened. There were more clues to come though. When we boarded the white van to the airport, I remember hearing a lot of Aaliyah songs - like nonstop Aaliyah songs. I was blissfully ignorant of course and thrilled as I had just purchased her third album not too long ago so I was happy to hear her music. There were testimonies from her cousins in Florida but I was so into the music and so concerned with the lack of sleep I would get on the plane to notice who or what these radio personalities were talking bout. Was it denial?

My brother and I returned home to pack for our California trip. I remember in the process of packing whether I should pack my Aaliyah cd or not. I decided against it because I didn’t want to lose it. When we arrived at my aunt’s house in Oakland, there were more clues. A grim faced Ananda Lewis. Aaliyah TRL clips. “It’s whatever” accompanying Aaliyah clips. Romeo Must Die  playing on TNT to my delight (my mom didn’t let me see it because it was rated R). The 4 Page Letter video. There were a lot more obvious clues but I was still clueless. It wasn’t until the next morning that I realized what had happened. It wasn’t until I saw her funeral procession on the Today show that I realized something had happened - something monumental. Aaliyah was dead and I absolutely couldn’t believe it. Your eyes see it but your mind can’t grasp it. It was surreal for me.

I was in shock for a good couple of months because when you’re a kid, you don’t really know anything but you think you know everything. When you’re a kid, the world is really simple. You pray (with no real meaning then), you obey your parents, you sneak and watch MTV/BET, you play soccer with the boys and you go to school. You don’t grapple with metaphysical concepts. You certaintly don’t think about death. Death, for a kid, is as far away as College or marriage. Death was for the adults. Death conquered the old, sick and the lame not the young and beautiful and certainly not my hero Aaliyah. Aaliyah’s death shattered all those illusions.

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Brilliant commentary from Kobe. Overall, brilliant documentary from Spike. 

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A brilliant mini-series

My FAV 30…

These are all my fav female singers of all time. The order is irrelevant but they are all related in some way.
  1. Nancy Wilson
  2. Aaliyah
  3. Phyllis Hyman
  4. Sade
  5. Joni Mitchell
  6. Billie Holiday
  7. Syreeta Wright
  8. Minnie Ripperton
  9. Sarah Mclachlan
  10. Denise Williams
  11. Chaka Khan
  12. Roberta Flack
  13. Ella Fitzgerald
  14. Joan Baez
  15. Teena Marie
  16. Whitney Houston
  17. Aretha Franklin
  18. Tamia
  19. Chante Moore
  20. Amel Larrieux
  21. Anita Baker
  22. Mariah Carey
  23. Amy Lee (Evanescence)
  24. Lauryn Hill
  25. Fiona Apple
  26. Tori Amos
  27. Celine Dion
  28. Fiona Apple
  29. Nelly Furtado
  30. Janis Joplin

What are your thirty fav female voices?

Is it me or do you also crave the worst foods during Ramadan?

Is it me or do you also crave the worst foods during Ramadan?

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